Professional certificate

Definition of professional certification

Professional certification

An administrative document delivered to the Chamber’s exporting members (whether personal or legal persons) upon their request in order to introduce their professional activities. The professional certificate can be used in: files for public tenders; files for national identity card; passport; entry visa to a number of foreign countries.

To obtain a professional certificate, the following registration documents must be submitted:

A certified true copy of the original of :
Tax registration certificate (of the current year)
Commercial register (Form No. 7).
The status of the company (registered with the registration office and bearing a stamp).
The most recent Minutes of the company.
The national identity card (of each manager or partner).
One personal photo.
A certified true copy of the original of the current year professional tax certificate.
Patent registration certificate.
A certified true copy of the original: Commercial Register.
A certified true copy of the original of: the national identity card.
One (1) personal photo.
According to the conclusions of the regular session of the Chamber held in Tetouan on October 24th, 2018, the following pricing was adopted:
Professional certificate of private individuals: 50 dirhams.
Professional certificate of legal persons: 100 dirhams.

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