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Legal Framework

During the 60s, legal framework of the commercial and industrial sectors have undergone significant changes, leading the public authorities to adapt the chambers of commerce and industry to the economic and political transformations and requirements of this period.

In 1977, a new law was issued to regulate the chamber of commerce and industry, under which it was officially recognized, and its role was officially described as a public institution representing the commercial and industrial sector.

Since that period, this law underwent changes and amendments on almost every electoral consultation, the latest is Dahir promulgating Law No. 1.97.85 regulating chambers, and implementing Law No. 97-2.

Furthermore, Law No. 97-9, on Electoral Act, was promulgated, as amended and supplemented, determining rules and procedures for the election of members of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Morocco.

Currently, the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services are governed by the new Dahir No. 09-13-1 promulgated on February 21st, 2013 to implement Law No. 12-38 on the Statute of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services.

Basic law of the chambers No. 38.12
Law No. 08.19 Judge for changing and completing Law No. 38.12 related to the chambers statute