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Moroccan office of industrial and commercial property

By virtue of the partnership agreement for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the competitiveness of Moroccan businesses, the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office branch was created at the Chamber’s headquarters.

This network is a multi-service platform, both physical and digital, accessed freely on the Internet, and is a center for indicators of businesses creation.

Through creating a new generation of services in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Service within the framework of a network called the Creators Area” .

The agreement aims to develop new services to keep pace with project holders, investors and contracting companies in the creation of businesses, innovation, technology and brand development.

Moroccan office of industrial and commercial property

The network centers around :

Promoting creativity.
Innovation development.
Protection of industrial and commercial property.
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Is related to developing a platform for creating and supporting businesses, which is a decisive step in improving the business environment as long as it provides the country with a single immaterial national interface, accelerate the convergence of stakeholders’ databases to improve data utilization, as well as to create an entrepreneurship portal with an opportunity to develop value-added services.

The expected benefits of such a project are to facilitate entrepreneurial work, a coordinated and transparent digital operational approach, or obtain reliable and scalable data to increase the economic value of the provided information.

Is related to the issuance of high-quality industrial and commercial property deeds as soon as possible.

The project is structured around:
Protecting the rights of creators and securing their investments.
Providing industrial and commercial property services in a simple, transparent and quickly accessible way.
Meeting customer expectations and market needs.
Granting industrial property rights and maintaining related records in accordance with legal requirements and good practices.

Is to encourage creativity and assessment of intangible assets. It will include designing and implementing a new support offer to help businesses assess industrial property assets and thus develop and promote innovative projects, and develop Moroccan branding systems.

The aim: achieving better industrial integration, accelerating the development of the Moroccan technological market, strengthening the technology transfer system, and upgrading and improving the rate of integration in global value chains.

This means that this new network "creators’ area", will address the promotion of creativity and innovation differently. It is well positioned to be a unifying component of actors in the ecosystem innovation (youth, manufactures, research centers).

The te Moroccan Industrial Property Office provides members of the Chamber with:

In the field of brands, local trade registers and the central register, management of the industrial design or model, the patent ...
Accompanying companies for a better use of industrial and commercial property, by promoting this system and it provided methods, in addition to disseminating information.
Providing a service which combines quality, transparency, balance and accuracy for users of industrial and commercial property system.

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