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Within the framework of the efforts made by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region the entrepreneur ship area was created in order to contribute to the development of support mechanisms so as to create businesses and improve the investment climate in the region.

The area provides experts in order to facilitate administrative procedures and to recognize the professional environment which is the basis for the success of any entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur ship space offers a range of services and solutions to professionals through a range of directories:

الجمعية المغربية للمصدرين
فضاء المقاولة

Entrepreneurship area offers various services across the digital platform of the Chamber's products

This level is divided into two parts, a part managed by the Directors of the chamber attached to the Members Services Department and the other part is managed by the member himself, where the benefit is made via a line connected to the Internet by filling out the application to use the line and obtaining the password of each member and then filling out the application form of the desired service:

The digital platform of the Chamber’s products is a simplified electronic processing of the Chamber’s services, including professional certificates, Certificates of origin and stamping commercial documents. Benefiting from these services requires a membership card.

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