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Advisory Center for Accounting Management Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services

Laws establishing the Advisory Center:

By virtue of the provisions of Law No. 57-90 establishing the Certified Advisory Center for Accounting Management.

By virtue of Decree No. 2-96-333, promulgated on October 31st, 1997, determining the admission requirements of companies for accounting management centers.

By virtue of Decision No. 98-167 promulgated on September 28th, 1998, determining admission requirements of the managing company for the Advisory Center.

An advisory center for accounting management was created in Entrepreneurship Area of the Chamber. The Chamber’s members benefit from the services of this center through filing a request to join the centers.

accounting management
Accessibility requirement Role of the Center

The membership file is granted by the center upon payment. The request includes a membership contract form, a bookkeeping guide, an information card about the applicant’s address, tax and legal identity, activity, and tax system to which he is subject.

This file shall be deposited in the Center after correctly filling it against a receipt, and the applicant’s must pay its subscription against a receipt as a final step. The applicant shall receive a membership contract countersigned by the Director of the Center, as well as a file containing the Statute.

The member who wishes to certify its declarations for a fiscal year must fully deposit his membership file in January of the same year.

As for the new members who wish to certify their declaration for the current year, they must deposit their full membership file within the month following the date of launch of their activities.

However, in order to benefit from the consultations provided by the center, any member, beyond the aforementioned deadlines, can join the center without being able to claim in any way the right to privileges legally provided for the current year.

The member shall be informed on a regular basis of all measures amending or supplementing the requirements applicable for the Center and the member.

The member must present to the center all documents related to the operations mentioned in the procedures book and within the deadlines specified in the latter.

The Center maintains the accountancy of those involved in the procedures book, prepare their tax declarations and certify the validity of their accounting and tax documents.

The main functions of the center:
Bookkeeping Certification Administrative management Training

Finally, the Center provides consultancy assistance to its members in the management of their activities. In order to benefit from tax concession (a 15% reduction applied to income tax base), the tax declarations of the member must be indexed by the Director of the center.

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